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My World: A brief history of time

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Stephen Hawking is dead at the age of 76.

As he would say, ‘ look up at the stars ‘....and when we do, we might find him there somewhere.
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Stephen Hawkins is dead at the age of 76.

As he would say, ‘ look up at the stars ‘....and when we do, we might find him there somewhere.
To me the unique and most signicant value of this man to us was not his stellar achievement in science or his humor, but rather his determination to proceed with his life, despite severe, ever increasing, obstacles brought on by his incurable neurological disease. This fight should inspire us and future generations to doggedly fight on, no matter what challenges we face to enjoy far more than the the portion of life we appear to have been limited to.

"Fight against all odds!" is the real lesson for our society of Hawking's life's work. The physics was, is and will always be there.

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Doug Kerr

Well-known member
Asher, Fahim,

It is of course Stephen Hawking of which you speak.

I second your accolades. He was a mensch.

Best regards,


fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Doug, thank you for pointing out my error. It is indeed Stephen Hawking of ' whom ' I speak.

Asher, I was thinking the same thing. What inspired me most about Hawking was his determination to overcome the bounds of his physical ailments and let his mind free to soar and explorer far far beyond the galaxies and into the unknown depths of our universe.

I can only offer but a very small and humble tribute to a great mind; I think he would give a small smile.

Thank you Mr. Hawking, for your contributions to human knowledge.