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a little test

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I'm delighted to see this. It shows me immediately that, yes, my friends are indeed working out what gear do we need to actually use the video built into our still cameras! A Glidecam is a great addition. Tell us what you bought and how you made your choice!

How many people assisted you? You could have done with a second camera on a tripod triggered perhaps by pocket wizard to pick her up as she approached the limit of your Glidecam camera and she was going away. Now that camera would have her in a wide angle view.

Then you's be able to run up and catch her again, and have someone move the second camera to the next position, LOL!

Good job to you and beautiful Nadine!

The glide cams are a cheap solution for steady cam, although cheap is relative of course.
The nice thing with video is that you can reposition and reshoot ;)

Again this was just a little test to be honest never meant to be a video.

Filming was done alone.