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A simple tulip and perhaps more to come

Anyone that knows anything about me, know I love flowers, especially tulips, which are so simple yet so elegant.

Living in a small town, during a pandemic, tulips have been difficult to come by, so last fall, I planted some in my yard so I would certainly have some this spring.

Things don't always go to plan. Weird and wild weather, some days 21C and a few days later -8C have created havoc on my blooms; I still took some photographs, but they all need to be repaired
as many of the petals are sad. Many areas that just are stunted and without color and spots everywhere but not in a good way.

This one was not too bad when I turned it around and only needed a few fix ups, but most are pretty bad. I usually like them to swerve and dance but they sadly not going to be as fabulous this year, but still wanted to share.

You've probably figured out by now, that I'm pretty disappointed in my tulips and have been ambivalent about posting any here, whereas usually I would be posting a plethora of them. Here another, kind of acceptable. I feel bad because it sounds like I'm fishing for compliments, but instead really, I'm explaining why they are not up to par. I'm frustrated mostly.

Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Maggie, we all love your tulips, but you may be making your job extra difficult by staging them in front of a black background. You are very, very gifted with colours, maybe it would be much easier to present the tulips in a different setting?
Hi Jerome, So sad the tulips this year, I was not inspired to do anything with them really. You are right, they would look better in scenes with different settings, but as bad as they were when I brought them in, they are now unusable. Weather willing, I have other blossoms to play with in the near future. :) Maggie