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An Introduction to a Modern Lighting System that is approachable in price.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
There are fabulous lighting systems revered and respected by photographers for decades: Profoto, Eilenchron, Broncolor, Paul Buff they care still popular. All but Paul Buff are costly.

Many like Lumedyne and Norman are now in sales management by Promark Brands as the independant manufacturers couldn’t compete!

On to this scene arrives Godox from China with the widest array of well engineered modern lighting that competes with the best but at reasonable prices.

That’s why we have a section devoted to Godox!



Jerome Marot

Well-known member
There are several new flash manufacturers beyond godox, most of them based in China: Yougnuo, Jinbei, for example. Walimex apparently still manufactures some of they lights in Czechia.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Jerome, it’s true that there are more new actors in the space besides Godox, but they have already earned themselves respect here in the USA.

So they now “almost” compete respectably with Profoto and the other top brands.

I would still say that for long distance trucking abuse and rental photography I wouldn’t go beyond the elite established surviving brands.

But for an individual event, studio or wedding photographer who protects this gear in padded cases or bags, Godox, and likely your own familiar brands are fine.

It just so happens that numerous folk around me have recently switched and all to Godox. So there is a growing community of knowledge and experience to harness here!

Add to that the devotion that Will Thompson has to DIY adaptions, and is using Godox too, we have a nice mutual support here for this brand.

I also have classical Lumedynes and Will has Norman’s and both brands are now owner by Promark for new gear or service. I am pretty expert in Lumedynr gear, but it doesn’t offer TTL control as modern systems now give us!

I will be purchasing axtrigfer for Canon flashes and Lumedyne to integrate with my Godox system.