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Arid zone

Andy brown

Well-known member
DSC_7999 op.jpg

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief


This is remarkable in so many ways! The layers of rust colored rocks rise in steps for giants to climb. It’s covered by a dark patina that rain appears to have washed away. It has zigzag fractures of modern art, it’s painted in pastels.


Is the latter soft pastel effect the result of an atmospheric alteration, shooting from a long distance on a baking hot day that adds air density changes as some softening filter?


Andy brown

Well-known member
Thanks Asher, glad you like it.
I was loving this landscape.
The rich reds are from the iron content in the rock.
It’s winter here in Oz so the temp was mild at 25c or high seventies for you I guess.
The soft pastel is from the slightly overcast sky at the time.