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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Thanks Per for waking me up!

This picture certainly deserves far more of our attention:

  1. for its own worth
  2. the scanning technique used!

Wolfgang Plattner: Withered Roses

We all have access to some sort of scanner.

These are available for as low as $40!

They work by having the object to be scanned on a glass plate. This is illuminated from below with light on a moving bar. The latter holds a long strip, (usually >8”), of a sensor array. It has the advantage of exceptionally uniform illumination and digital scanning from below. This factor is achieved by successive individual “sweeps” in the long direction of the sheet of letter paper size glass bed.

As a result a surprisingly unique “3 D illumination” is achieved at above the glass, as the light decreases logarithmically at greater vertical distance from the glass platen.

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charlotte thompson

Active member
I love how the dark and light interplay sort of like a game of love...I love dreied roses I have many I have dried over the years... this one is a fav color of mine