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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Since were are working to include videos, Zoomify a VR viewers, then perhaps we should meet the reality that every new DSLR and digicam that Pros and enthusiasts use has video capability. Forgetting brand preference, it's pretty reliable to say that today your new camera will likely deliver video images often in HD which rivals some of the best Prosumer and even professional video camera quality.

Where the Pro still cameras excel in image quality, they generally lack in the pristine quality of sound that makes a movie experience cinematographic. Frankly, if the image is fair to good and the subject filmed is interesting, pristine sound means a happy audience. Reverse that with perfectly delightful picture but sound blessed with noise, often due to AGC, (Auto gain control, where the electronic is trying to bring up low levels of sound), or else just the poor quality of the camera sound system and effects of compression, there will be no audience. The fact is there's a low tolerance for poor quality sound.

The screen is half-dark: that's art! There are harsh shadows across her face, film noir! Focus is misty, Orton effect! There's a rationalization for everything!

However, the track is crackling and hissing: everyone else is out the door, LOL! So, much to my surprise, Sound Recording is included here too.

I do hope this will be an active and enjoyable part of OPF!

Asher :)