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bad hair day

Andy brown

Active member
Asher it's big, nearly 6 feet tall.
Peter they don't tend to bite but slash with their huge clawed feet.
I got chased by one (protecting its young one), I wasn't hanging about.
I also drew them close by imitating their drumming sound (from the throat), makes them curious but potentially aggressive. Us photographers will do anything.

Tom dinning

I guess that’s an Emu, but I haven’t seen enough to sex it, LOL!

I wouldn’t advise having sex with one, Ash. It’s probably not illegal but it sure could be lethal.

I’ve met a few on the road. Clocked a flock just outside Yass one morning. They ran beside my car for a few km at just over 60km/h. Then the leader decided to cut in front of me. I clipped him with my rear bumper. All I saw through the rear view mirror was a flurry of feathers doing a pirouette in the middle of the road. We both survived but we both carry the scars.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

It does seem that this birds have sky blue skin and feathers on their necks.

But the bg is diffusely Green.

So have you a reference for the true color?

Your first picture had the blue skin too where it was either bare or it’s feathers were thinned out!

So this is a very colorful bird!

Are the males and females different?