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Bald Eagle by the ocean

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Seems like the white plumage might be too bright. Can you try underexposing to protect the highlights. Getting those white feathers detailed would be really fabulous!


Jim Olson

Active member
Another look over the fence
The clouds were so very interesting

IMG_1802 E-5 C11 S6 Str -1.7 crop.jpg

Almost looks like smoke coming off the hills

IMG_1804 E0 C12 S12 Str -0.8 crop.jpg

Looks like a chimney but there's no homes in that area

IMG_1806 E3 C9 S9 Str -1.4 crop.jpg

Jim Olson

Active member
I was flying my drone yesterday.
20200514_143623 E-4 C6 S5 Str -1.4.jpg

And here is a look over the fence & me trying to fly looking at the monitor. It's hard to just watch the screen & not look at the drone.
20200514_144108 E-12.8 C6 S5 Str -1.4.jpg

Jim Olson

Active member
I finally got a half way decent hummingbird shot with fast shutter speed.

IMG_1874 E5 C8 S7 crop.jpg

Then a min later some Canadian Geese flew by.
IMG_1859 E7 C11 S11 crop.jpg

Also got a macro shot of a bee. Good day. Not to mention the 14 videos I got with my drone & I have no idea how many picture from the drone
IMG_1816 E-4 C6 S3.jpg

And yes that is the ocean off in the distance and then Canada.
Drone shot E-4 C4 S5 STR -1.1.jpg

Jim Olson

Active member
The family & I went for a ride (200 miles round trip) to the Hoh Rain Forest, but it's a National Park so it was still closed. But I wanted to show them the ocean view that I saw on my motorcycle ride two weeks ago so it was not all in vain.
These were shot with my telephoto.

IMG_1936 E16 C16 S16 Bri Str -1.7.jpg

IMG_1938 E16 C16 S16 Bri Str -1.8.jpg

Small pano with the same rock but this is shot with my wide angle lens but from the same place as the telephoto was shot.
IMG_1924 E11 C11 S11 Str -2.0 - IMG_1925 E11 C11 S11 Str -1.5.jpg

Okay one more but this one is from my phone (Google Pixel3 in Pano/360 VR mode but the site does support VR)
I'm not sure if this will work but it is the same pano in 360VR on my FaceBook page.

PANO_20200516_165005 E4 C-6 S16 Tint1 crop.jpg
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Jim Olson

Active member
One of the many small waterfalls flowing into Lake Crescent (part of the 200 mile road trip)
IMG_1904 E4 C6 S7 Str -3.0.jpg

And here is Lake Crescent in a pano from my Android phone
PANO_20200516_145852 E-5 C5 S13 crop.jpg
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Jim Olson

Active member
I also stopped in Forks again (restroom break on the 200 mile road trip) to get a little better angle.
I love the way I got the hat looking with the sky
IMG_1910 E-12 C8 S8 STR -1.0 crop.jpg
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