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I see a grim asymmetry in this strife. On one side are terrorists targeting civilians and occasionally killing combatants. On the other side are drones targeting combatants and occasionally killing civilians. There is more than enough rancour, resentment, and revenge in this diabolical bargain to keep the fighting going for decades.

Maybe the answer to terrorism is economic rather than military. When people are well to do, free of urgent wants, comfortable, and secure then the motivation to make war on a neighbour can fade away.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The war is based on the honest drive to create a religious state, akin to the Saudi system but only based on Sharia law, as all knowledge derives from the scriptures.

This is nothing to do with jobs, just memes like being a Baptist, a Sikh or a Hindu, except this is not focused on the life of individuals but a single state on this planet, no matter the cost!

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James Lemon

Active member
The war on terrorism started some 16 years ago when the United States was attacked in 2001.

"The attackers were Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia and several other Arab nations. Reportedly financed by the al-Qaeda terrorist organization of Saudi fugitive Osama bin Laden, they were allegedly acting in retaliation for America’s support of Israel, its involvement in the Persian Gulf War and its continued military presence in the Middle East"

The US national debt in 2001 fiscal year end was $5,807,463,412,200.06 compared to $18,150,617,666,484.33 year end 2015. To put these amounts into perspective think about what one trillion dollars would buy you. You could buy Exon Mobile & Apple, plus you would still have money left over to buy Google, Nike and still have billions left in your bank account.

China owns a great deal of the debt and so does Russia and Japan owns quite a bit. On the surface it would appear that these nations are doing well compared to the U.S. Of course they don't have to deal with private property rights which might explain some of the reasons why they have so much money.

The war on terrorism does not look promising for most. For others investing in defense contractors would have received a handsome return on their money. What results have the political leaders of the recent past achieved? Or are they really just salesmen for the defense contractors?

The Author of the video and others are suggesting that there is a correlation between drone strikes and terrorist attacks. The author is also suggesting that we can expect more to come because Trump administration is changing the rules of engagement and reducing the red tape for the military and the CIA.

Based on the authors logic, more drone strikes means more terrorist attacks. However conventional military bombings would prove to be more devastating than drone strikes. Military bombings are known statistics but CIA drone bombings are secret. There are some groups that track the number of drone stikes to the best of there ability but in reality we don't know.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The idea of blowback is only reasoable when the victor really has not vanquished the apparent loser. Victory occurs when a war is fought beyond the movement backwards of the seemingly obvious loser. That war has to proceed to utter destruction of the means by which that enemy breathes.

That's what we did to Hitler's Nazism in World War II and Japan's rape of the far east.

But from another standpoint one has to view such enemies of civilization as possible hidden embers or newly ignited forrest fires that can breat out denovo wherever there is abundant dry wood in which the fire can spread.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

"Blowback" means the flames of the fire in the figters hearts are still burning! What do wolves do? In the end, the living remaineder vanquished wolves submits without any vestige of pride, dignity or fight. That is also true of the Republican Presidential Candidiates of 2016, who when soundly beaten, commenced to flatter, praise and support him as the unquestioned leader of the pack!

...and look at history:

1, Indochina Fighting dragged on many years, since the North Vietnames were not ever overwhelmed and destroyed.

America came, then also lost since, in the end, even with brutality, (but with "rules of war"), was utterly humiliated and its army totally withdrew.

2.King Hussein's Massacre of the Palestinians: The Palestinians continue, as the Israelis don't wipe them out, just mildly punished them them.

However, in the almost successful Palestinian revolution in Jordan, (Black September),, an existential threat to the Hashemite King, uprising and terrorism were brutally extinguished by massacre of up to tens of thousands of Palestiunians. That overwhelming reaction showed King Hussein's unlimited ruthlessness.

(Syrian Army columns with their Palstinians rumbled in from the North to support the local Palestinian "Fedayin", but air power from Jordan or more likely from Israel, made them turn an flee)

Sure, the Black September movement got revenge in asassinating the Jordanian Prime minister, but in reality, there has been no significant "Blowback". With sufficent merciless brutality, the enemy is cowed. But being so brutal is beyond us now for civilized countires.
Even though Palestinians are a majority in Jordan, since that time, they dont lift a finger against the Hashemites, as the were utterly crushed.

3. The Conquistadors in South America salughtered the Emperor, Kings and their soldiers. Then they helped themselves to bundles of women for ultiple wives. So. complete was their power, that in some areas there is no presence of male aboriginal male chromosomes, as the invaders dominated the mating with their women.

So there is no lingering South American culture of any importance. Women stop at the pealing patina of an old building an recognize the figure of Mother Mary. This vision brings an investigator from Rome who, finding a local "miracle", the building wall is declared a Holy Shrine and the Catholic replacement of local culture is renewed.

Why has there been no successful blowback in hundreds of years? Because the Catholic invaders were prepared to utterly destroy vestages of local culture and any residula will.

4. The Sack of Jerusalem by Titus The Romans burny everything, cruicified 250,000 men, took captive slaves andf the treasure of the Temple to Rome in a triumphant celebration, as illustrated in the Arch of Titus. From then onward, the leader of the Jews in Rome had to kiss the newly installed Pope's feet and present a copy of the Bible and swear an "oath of obeisance". So not only ruthessness, but also abject humiation as well, are tools for preventing "Blowback".

However, the Jews had writing and managed to keep all their literature which spread far beyond ancient Israel and Judea givng rise to modern Judaism and identity.

When and if the songs and poems are forgotten, another people has been exterminated!

With sufficent ruthlessness and compete humiiation, there is seldom blowback. That is why grain-rich Ukraine, couldn't stand up to Stalin, who simply straved them to death by conviscating their food! In ancient times, The Egyptian army subdued enemies by burning to the ground all their graneries. No grain, no revolution!