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Blue Skies, Blue Birds

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Fabulous shots, Chris!


....and so beautiful! What is so surprising along with the good looks of this little bird is the length of its feet!

Otherwise it looks magical, by some art design company, and brought to life by magic songs!


These claws are such amazing instruments that allow the bird to grip on a twig and feed while at any angle.

That is as amazing as flight itself!

Thanks for this demonstration of nature’s automatic brilliance by the staggeringly success of survival of fitness of endless samples until the right technical answer wins out in a great pair of legs!


Andy brown

Active member
Excellent images Chris.
I find myself increasing fascinated by flight and by birds in particular as the years go by. These are fantastic.

Chris Calohan

Well-known member
Thanks for the appreciation of how hard it is to shoot small birds in flight. There are a plethora of these Bluebirds in my area so it is a good shooting opportunity, but like most small birds (these guys will fit easily into an adult's semi closed hand) they are very fast. Here's two shots just after leaping from a fence edge and getting air. Like Andy, I too am facinated by birds in flight and love the structure of the wings at each rotation and how the feathers change as per action such as taking off and especially landing.


Getting Air​

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

It shows well in your picture with sequential shots!

What is your camera and lens setup and your frame rate? Do you use tracking?

One can really appreciate and personally feel and empathize with that effort and intent.

The bird’s “flight take off” is so impressive!

.....but after millions of years, no doubt these tiny fellows just do it effortlessly, without thinking, from ancient memory locked in constantly refined circuits!

The ability to have animal behavior written with a conditional statement “IF, then” is responsible for that flight happening each time, so perfectly!

....and also for you being able to judge when to take the pictures!


Chris Calohan

Well-known member
These were shot with the D500 and my 24-120 as the 200-500 on this camera makes tracking these little guys quite the chore. f/8, 1/2500, ISO 400 +.07EV

Andy brown

Active member
Chris, for me, Da Vinci’s bird in flight sketches come instantly to mind.
Imagine if the great man could have seen these images!!!
I dare say he would have wept.
Brilliant stuff.