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Caution: Sad news, one UK volunteer with Astra Zeneca Vaccine ill.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
The monkey adenovirus is thought to be safe, it carries genetic material of the COVID-19 unusual coronavirus to induce immunity.

it was supposed to be given to 30,000 people in a trial.

Now it’s all on hold while they investigate why one person has transverse myelitis, a rare complication known to be associated with adenoviruses.

But we have no idea whether or not the adenovirus vaccine caused it.

Meanwhile, this one individual tragic illness, highlights the bravery of volunteers and the need for rigorous standards of patient, deliberate peer review and monitoring.

Again this underlines why politics can’t be driving the CDC and local authorities to relax rules just to allow an unproven vaccine in the USA, merely to celebrate “some” science victory over the current pandemic.

We have to be cautious and given over 70 candidate vaccines, we can come up with something safe.

One can’t rush it, wash one’s hands in pure alcohol and light celebratory candles! Someone will be set on fire.

I gave up a major job with the US Army to make a live adenovirus vaccine for Acute Respiratory Disease of Recruits. I feared a live adenovirus vaccine was too dangerous. Now we know much more and no doubt a safe Adenovirus based vaccine can be made.

However, all political input must be stopped. Ethical decision require a distinction between what we can do and what we should do.

Yes the President has the power to order pressure on the CDC. But we have the power to resist tampering with the safety of new science or else who will trust us with their children.

I commend Astra Zeneca for not only pausing their unique vaccine trial. Perhaps it will be safe to restart. But this is how ethical science experimentation is carried out in humans. Read more here.

Of course, in Russia and China, the State doe what it wants and there is little to no transparency.

I am proud that we are conducting research trials as we should with due caution and pauses to learn what we are doing.

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

One single case of transverse myelitis! This is an inflammation in the spinal cord. We know nothing more.

I pray the person is not paralyzed and recovers. The patient in the picture above recovered in 3 months and was unrelated to a trial.

I have marked, below, the site of the inflammatory lesion. When the swelling occurs, it blocks nerve messages to the sensory and muscular nerves as well as the autonomic nervous system.


It may have nothing to do with the vaccine trial or it could be a rare complication. But this is why we carryout these trials!

By the time it gets to the public at large we must be certain it is as safe as possible.

Astra Zeneca has acted as required by the research protocols and is transparent. This is actually routine in a study to pause when there are issues. Kudos to the Pharmaceutical Industry. This time it’s being done right!

Thanks for the added detail. I'd just heard on the radio that the trial was on hold.

hopefully they'll quickly find evidence it's unrelated to the vaccine - but I doubt it will be as easy as that.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Your comment is appreciated.

If indeed the lesion is transverse myelitis, as reported, this is equivalent to finding that your black artists paint catalyses the production of nitric acid from oxides in moist air and dissolves anything it’s applied to! Obviously that would end use of that nanotube invention overnight!

Transverse myelitis is such a serious complication. If the reports I read are true, then it’s hard to for a patient or a vaccine to recover from such a! A one in 10,000 chance of getting paralyzed could mean at leadt 30,000 cases in the U.K. alone.

It could be that the vaccine is contaminated by another virus. It’s happened before and that’s why I refused to work on a live vaccine for the US Army.

I am sure they thought it was contaminant free, but with virus grown in tissue culture, it’s not hard for a rare virus from the cells to be picked up.

That kind of error would devastate Oxford standing. But I doubt very much that they would miss that. Today, odd unexpected nucleic acid sequences are likely to be excluded in quality control tests.

But I haven’t yet heard on CNN or MSNBC that it was transverse myelitis. Essentially, if the public widely knows this, anti-vaxers will have a hay day!

AstraZeneca has not, as yet, confirmed nor challenged the diagnosis.

Whether or not the actual diagnosis is ultimately confirmed, is now less important than making folk realize that research trials cannot be rushed!