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Close-up testing

Hi Harvey,

Looks reasonably sharp in the center - are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the performance of this equipment, or have any particular question about it?

I have seen good results using the 500D close-up with various lenses. It's my understanding that it allows fairly close focus, with the main limitation being that the focus range distance is somewhat restricted.

Another way to accomplish the same thing is with the use of Extension Tubes. There is a little loss of light, but it does work quite well.

BTW - I love your signature :) I've been trying to come up with some other variants, but I'm not sure they're ready for prime-time!

Harvey Moore

New member
Hello Don,

I used to rotate tag lines a lot on forums. The line I used here is one of my favorites along with "Without time, everything would happen at once"

re the 500D, it is good towards the edges also, at least on the 300 f4. I started with this one as it does not reduce f4 to 5.6.

Haven't done macro since my film days a lot of yrs ago with a Nikon F series in the early 70's, just dabbling with close up for now, but I know myself enough to know it's gonna cost me some $ ;)


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Harvey, since this is a close-up test, could you possibly provide the wide uncropped image and then a portion at 100% so we can see the detail and of the edge of the petal perhaps.

I need to get some of these close-up lenses for my 70-200 and other lenses. Have you used it together with a polarizing filter?

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