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Covent Garden


New member
Visited London 2 weeks ago. Quite a lively, energetic city.
Sunny and nice the whole time.

Covent Garden
D2X + 85 mm f1.4:

Ray West

New member
I'm pleased you liked your visit to London. This statue thing seems to be catching on - here's a couple of highly compressed snaps I took in Norway, in about 2003, with a nikon coolpix 5700, iirc



only one of these guys goes home for tea.

Best wishes,


Dierk Haasis

pro member
This guy - with differing costumes, ranging from silver SciFi robot through golden superhero to the current Charlie attire - works in Hamburg's pedestrian zones for 20 years or so:


Ray West

New member
I think they train in the UK, in Solihull, on the landrover assembly line....., or maybe in any teleco customer service department ;-)