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UAL flight doing a FAR 117 diversion into Bangor, Me due to airspace closure during conflict between India and Pakistan.
BGR is the first stop and last stop in the US east side
Thank goodness everyone was safe and there was fuel for the diversion.

it is a different kind of "diversion". FAR 117 limits the flight crews (both pilots and flight attendants) time (ake: duty time) in the air on ultra long flights. so there was a replacement crew waiting for this aircraft. I was there for any Mx issues that might have been written up and must be resolved before take off. I light top off of fuel and it was back in the air. total ground time about 1.5 hours. there's always addition fuel for a diversion. there are diversion points built into a flight plans just in case.
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No wonder you are so obsessional, LOL! You have more lives in your hands the a surgeon! Thanks for your service!