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Elemental Witch Goddess of Metal - Nude version

So this is the outfit I had intended for Kerri Taylor originally, which is the Elemental Witch Goddess of Metal. I personally think she was perfect for this outfit. This is the final nude stage of the outfit and then a related product shot with model Melancholic.
The third image shows the clothed version with both Kerri and melancholic. I am Considering one from this part for the new cover of the product tri-fold for the business. I included it here because of the Gag in use.

I will post a couple more shots in the glamour section of the outfit on Kerri

In this case the outfit on Kerri looked better than I was hoping for, so very happy with it.
Trivia: Girlfriend made the cape, I made the shoulders, collar and cuffs. The thigh-high boots I got online. The bracelets on Kerri were something I bought many moons ago for model accessories, possibly on one of my overseas trips.
In the last image the body suits were a bit of serendipity in that I was hoping to find one to fit Kerri at a local store and at the second shop I tried, found two a small and a medium and they were both on sale, low enough I could buy both for less than I expected for one. And then find out the medium fit Kerri well, while the small fit Melancholic well. So very happy about that.

All taken in studio due to time available and not wanting to risk the park rangers wrath again so close in time.

It was an interesting shoot as Melancholic happened to also be available and the original plan was to start with Kerri and then Melancholic would show up to finish the shoot. However as the universe likes messing with me, but not terribly, Kerri got delayed, so ended up shooting with Melancholic first and then both and then Kerri. Very happy with the results.

Comments welcome.


And a quick two more pictures from that session, Kerri in the final nude version of the Void outfit, I was just testing out that portion of the outfit as the rest is not even close to done at the moment. Supposed to be leather (or faux leather) pants, boots, body suit, and a black cape with hood and a few other accessories.

Trivia: Even these gloves are not the final intended ones, although they may work. I had ordered a set of claws online from what I thought was a US company, not, shipping from China. They were delayed and so I went and picked up the nails at a local fashion accessory store a couple days before the shoot and glued them in place to a second set of gloves (hoping the would last the shoot (still on there) ). and then of course the claws showed up on the day of the shoot. Went with the glue on nails for the shoot as I did not want to fiddle with the claws when time was limited.

Boots were Kerri's. Hat was one I have as a prop
Partial Void test shots II.jpg

Partial Void test shot III.jpg
I had not planned on selling the costumes when done. I occasionally give away a costume or outfit that I got for my models, but I also often keep the more elaborate ones to use at some point in the future. Have a closet full of them and my now really old military uniforms which I will be tossing no more than two years from now as I go over 65 and basically can't be recalled any longer (not that they fit anyway and not that I am likely to ever be recalled at this point - closest I got to being recalled after I retired was being told I was on the long list for Afghanistan, so they wanted to make sure I was still breathing and where I was, just in case).

The costumes I made before Tina (girlfriend) started sewing for me, are mostly not really safe to wear anywhere but the studio (think clothes pins and heavy use of Velcro), with a couple of exceptions. however, it is something to consider as Tina is making them now and they could be worn outside the studio (within nudity laws).