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EOS M50 available darkness shoot

The Malibooz live at the Canyon Club EOS M50 with EF-M 18-15 IS STM stralght out of camera with wifi via the Canon app with there downsizing.

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Doug Kerr

Well-known member
I am delighted to see this forum section now offering an "Attach Files" button.

Here is an image on which I can try the "alternate viewer"; I elected the "Thumbnail" presentation to emplace it. I left it at the size the system decided on for a "thumbnail".


Two supernumeraries in The Dallas Opera's 2003 presentation of La Bohème.

Note that the mustache here is prosthetic. But it received such acclaim that it was followed (in due time) by an organic one.


Follow up: indeed, by clicking on this image I can see the image at a rather large size in the "alternate viewer".

Best regards,


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Doug Kerr

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[This is a modified, and simpler, form of the maneuver.]

Aha! I have contrived a subterfuge to have an image centered on a post. This only applies to forum sections that allow uploading of images.

1. Upload the image.

2. With the cursor on the line where we want the image, use the "Align" tool from the composition toolbar and choose "Center". The cursor will become centered (a property now of the line).

3. Select the "thumbnail" or "full image" insert button by the uploaded image.

4. The image will be centered by inheritance from the properties of the line.

Here is an illustration:


Other characters in La Bohème (including one of the principals)
Here, I will use the "full image" presentation:


Bethany, the assistant stage manager, doing "craft service"

I note that clicking on the "thumbnail" opens it in large size in the "alternate viewer". Clicking on the "full image" does not.

Best regards,

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Doug Kerr

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Hi, Will,

Well, bump. yourself.

I'm eager to see your M50 work.

You can easily put it up on this section now.

Best regards,