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Sony A7R series Errors in A7r iii

Omiros Parginos

New member
Hello everybody,
I just bought an a7r iii. I got it in my hands yesterday so i charge the battery and when i put the battery inside, mount the lens(sony zeiss 35mm f2.8) and turn it on, i set date and time, and then i see the view in front of the camera in the lcd for a few seconds, then the image tilts a bit down like the sensor moved and after that an error message shows up saying camera error turn camera off then on, so i did and the same thing happen. The camera did't even worked for a single minute!! Is this acceptable from a 3000$ piece of machinery? And i even i heard noises when i shaked the camera just a bit while the battery was charging which i googled and some said that is normal, it's the sensors stabilizing mechanism. I am also a Canon user and i am pretty sure that is very very very rare in Canon and i think in Nikon too.So i searched this in google and i found some posts about this camera error for sony a series and just one specified for a7r iii. Some people referring to them as a brick or bad cameras.
Can i have your opinions about sony cameras could they compare to Canon's and Nikon's reliability?
I am waiting for a response from Amazon so i can return it and get a new one but even if the new is working properly i do not want to go every year or so and pay money to sony cause of its bad manufacturing and more important i don't want my camera to stop working while i am on a trip working. Also i am on holidays here in the US and i ordered it via a friend and his account and i do not know if i will get it before i will leave from here.
This is a pain and ruined my vacation mood for a bit but i learned a lesson not ever order cameras online again just do it from your local shop.

I am really looking forward to your responses any information about sony cameras errors and durability comparing to Nikon and Canon would be really useful.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
First congrats on the choice. It’s one of the very best cameras available today.

Amazon is a great supplier. You can simply wrap it up and send it back and they will refund the money. Email them first!

You can also go into any good camera store in Athens or other big City and they will help you.

I would remove the lens and battery. Put on the black body cap in place of the lens. Shake it by your ear. If there is a rattle it is broken!

If there is no noise, check the battery is charged and replace it and remount your lens and switch the camera on. It first goes through a sensor cleaning to knock off any dust.

Then it should give you an image. If your face blocks the eye piece, the view is in the eye viewfinder! The back screen goes dark!!

Do you have a card with space on it? Have you formatted it in the camera.

All done? Now just press the shutter and take a picture.

Omiros Parginos

New member
Thanks the specs of this camera are amazing that's why i chose it.
The thing is that it never let me get in the menu or do anything as soon as it opens it gives me an image of the angle that is in front of the camera then this is image it moves down accompanied with a noise like the sensor moves also and then an error message shows up that says to turn it off then on again, i can't format the sd cards or anything. I already emailed amazon and i will ask for a refund so i can buy the camera from Home.
but also i would like to hear some opinions about the sony cameras and their reliability!!!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Did you remove the lens and then reseat it and remove the battery check it’s charged and return it?

These are perhaps the top cameras in that form available anywhere. They are very reliable. Get the extended Sony Warranty.

Amazon has an excellent return policy and is a reliable vendor.

It’s unlikely that there is anything wrong. A typical problem would be dirt on the lens contacts. But this is brand new. 20 seconds in a decent camera store and I am pretty certain the issue is solved.

Which City are you in or close to?

Can you take an iPhone picture of the positions of the switches on the back of the camera.

The chances of anything being manufactured wrongly is exceedingly small. This is a superbly designed and solid camera!


Omiros Parginos

New member
I did remove the battery two times. There was no dirt on the lens nor on the mount.
I also tried to open the camera without the lens and the same error happen.
Unfortunately i can't send you pictures cause UPS came to deliver some shipments and we gave it
back,amazon already emailed us the stickers we have to put on the package we printed them and we send the camera back.We will ask for a refund and i will buy this from Greece so if something happens i could just go to the store. I am pretty sure that it had a major problem cause the sound that was coming from inside was weird, when i got the camera and the battery was charging i rehearsed the movements that i do when i take streetphotos , just a gentle turn when i compose and i walk so i will not get noticed sometimes, that was the first time i heard it. After i shaked it and i heard this weird and i got the thoughts that something is not wright it was really unfamiliar with every other comera i tried. When finally the battery got charged i put it inside i set the date and time and then what i told you before happen,saw the image in front of me the image moves accompanied with a sound of something moving inside the camera.
Thanks anyway i will purchase the camera cause the specs are amazing and i like the small size of it but i will go to the store and test it myself.When i will get back to Greece and buy it i will reply to you about the noises that came from inside
Thanks again every opinion is still welcome

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
If you really want to be surreptitious and ahead of the class, the best camera in the world for street photography today is the Sony RX1 II which has the same sensor as the A7RIII and a close to “optically perfect” f2.0 lens.

That is pocketable and no one will ever imagine you have such a powerful camera: 42 MP!

You don’t need to zoom as the image can be cropped. So this is like using a Canon 1D markII with a 50-250 f2.0 perfect zoom Lens!

But it is over $3,000! I plan to get one when I sell enough older gear!

But you’re choice gives far more flexibility!


Now get a hosting account t sonehere!


Omiros Parginos

New member
Thanks for the recommendation i dont wanna hide so much actually(haha) and i find the interchangeable lens thing much more useful. I am also intrested in cinema so the a7r iii is better choice for sure.
Thanks anyway.

Omiros Parginos

New member
Hello again guys the the camera was malfunctioning,i bought it from Greece and there is no such sound as the one that they send me from Amazon!!Thanks for the tips anyway!!!