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My World: Every one has a story to tell..

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
If only we have the time to listen.

Venice. This group from the UK.

While my wife and the others went sightseeing; the elderly lady and me sat down for lunch.
She told me a story. Of the war. Of her husband. Of her sons. Of her life.

We met each other for the two additional days they were in Venice. Me and the sweet lady. We told stories to each other. I told her stories of my place. Of my people. Of my sons and daughters.


Do you listen to people on holidays? Or does your listening stop at your beach!!

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Charlotte, and Jerome..

Thank you both very much.

I do not go to the beach very often either. I am already broasted.

Charlotte..we are off for a month in a few days. I shall make new friends and share some stories with you
once we are back. Open ended vac. If she likes the place we might hang around for longer!!

Kindest regards and best wishes.

p.s only leica going with me this time.. 28/35/75mm. She has her D-lux4.