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Kevin Pinkerton

New member
This is an infrared photograph I took of a small pond on my farm. I love taking photos of this pond, especially in IR. This photo has flipped vertically in the center (or perhaps you could say it was rotated 180 degrees). The upper half of this image as shown here is all a reflection off of the water. The real tree branches and such are all on the lower half of the image. There are tiny leaves and such on the surface of the water, but they appear to be in the air in the upper half of the photo. One of things I really like about IR is that it does not penetrate water very well so the reflections are almost life like. This photo was taken the middle of the summer last year.

The second image is also an infrared photograph. It is almost 100% a reflection off of this same pond. It is also rotated 180 degrees. Only the thin layer of grass at the bottom of the image is real. The rest is a reflection on the pond's surface.



Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

You have taught us something new, at least to me. Your inverted IR reflections provide a novel way of creating an alternate reality.


It’s a treat and a revelation to experience this creative view of the woods with leaves suspended in mid air.


Kevin Pinkerton

New member
Thanks Asher. I like surprises that will cause the brain to eye connection to get a little jolt. I can remember doing head stands (up against a wall :) ) and looking at the world upside down when I was a kid. And how that was so cool. I have a couple of more images I posted on my FB yesterday that I will share in a bit. Both of them are reflections, but not IR...

I seldom take my camera off the farm, and there are only so many photos of the farm subject matter. So whenever I can get something "new" I go for it.