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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Dear Charlotte!

I am so pleased to see this latest creation of yours. It’s so ethereal!

It’s also, despite its metaphorical complexity, relatively simple in the number of elements to be easily noticed.

I like the motif of “indistinctness” and challenge in our grasping the present sometimes and comprehending the past which should be factual or figuring out the future.

How many layers are there?

What ideas were in your mind at the outset? Can you sharectge component pictures and share glue this evolved from your first glance at the main picture?


Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

The photo was a vintage of a woman walking away. I thought of... inside of a dream like existence. I super blurred her for a dream like effect and did some shadowing. I forced another on top same effect and blur... the background was a combination of many ideas so that where we see her finally as the title would be Falling. O. snow falling. O. degrees. The end of my work usually finds what it is I am making. Usually one starts out with an idea first. Most of my work is opposite that claim. There are no boxes I have never resided in. I should smother if became stuck inside. It is a simple design yes with elegance I believe. My work is changing and exciting for me. She is falling in snow O degrees. Who does not like to fall in soft full snow ?

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member

This is exactly what I want most is for my work to be a feeling in the onlooker ! Fabulous. Thank you dear friend.