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Fire! Fire! Real flames or embers! Poobah the Great Fire Eater!

I posted this picture a few months ago taken at my visit to the 2008 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo. I really liked the image. So much so that I had it made into a 20x30" print and have it framed for my livingroom wall that I am currently working on. A funny thing happened, as it usually does when one surfs aimlessly around the world wide web, and I stumbled upon a very interesting article and story about sideshows. Lo and behold, there was my little guy. He apparently has gone by a number of different names in his long career but it is definitely him. I thought some may find it interesting. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you POOBAH!
Here's a link to the video clip and article.


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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Fire is alive and is one of the most destructive forces. However, we live with it and even harness it's energy. That, after all is what makes trains and trucks move and jets fly! This first picture covers this mastering of fire for entertainment. I myself wouldn't try it!

Post images of fire used in anyway you have found. Let's see if we can pull together an interesting eclectic look at this powerful phenomenon.


Mike Shimwell

New member
Go on then Asher, this is the only campfire shot I've found yet. I've leveled this and made it more ready for print than the earlier version, but I think it belongs here. This shot sits in the idling with a camera when camping miles from anywhere category:)



Mike Shimwell

New member
Aha, I did find a some more - no claims as to quality here...

First the tools

Then the lighter (a much younger and slimmer me! recovered from severe underexposure)

And then the fire in it's environment

This is the fire that later became the glowing embers above.


Larry Brown

New member
Here is a big bonfire that we have at a caving event I an involved with and attend each year. This fire is constructed from 2 or 3 tractor trailer loads of wood and is over 20 feet high and square. It uses over 40 gallons of diesel fuel and 5 gallons of gasoline with fire works and Estes rocket engines for ignition, it is a sight to see go off! It burns all night and is the conclusion to our event.
I was well into party mode when I captured these images so please understand any technical shortcomings that may be found, LOL!



For Size Reference


Jarmo Juntunen

Active member
Our Midsummer Eve's bonfire this year. If the fire is going out, you need to

after which, if you're lucky and don't burn yourself