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First shoot of model from my newest "Art Project"

Attached should be two images from my latest model shoot, one in studio and then one at local park.
There are some difference in the costumes because it is designed to have various looks so I could hopefully end up with images that met my concept for that shoot.
Of the clothed ones, these two were closest to what I was trying for.
As I would call it minimal editing.

The concept for this shoot is Air Elemental Witch Goddess.
Model name is Ren Serenity.

On a side note: The location I want' to shoot in the park was inaccessible due to a very large tree falling and blocking access (at least for someone who is a klutz with camera and a model in heels and a costume I didn't want damaged.
Goal of the project is to shoot each costume twice if possible. Once with a travelling model (in this case Ren) and once with a particular local model who has agreed to participate as the costumes are finished and mutual time permitting.
And I am loving my newer camera with high ISO/low noise ability. Old Flash despite new batteries was taking too long to charge, so just upped the ISO and went without.

Comments on composition, costume, and image other than model herself welcome as always.


  • Air Elemental_web.jpg
    Air Elemental_web.jpg
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  • Air Elemental in Woods_web.jpg
    Air Elemental in Woods_web.jpg
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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
You are ambitious and creative! Kudos!

I like the picture in the studio more as thr fabric seems free flowing. In the location version, the belt goes over the outer robe and that doesn’t seem as natural!

I commend you for your energy and work to date. It’s obviously far more stressful to shoot on location.

What lights did you use or just reflectors?

Outdoors, just natural light with scattered clouds, evening about hour before sunset. I prefer morning, but model was not available in morning.
Studio, I use a pair of 1024 LED lights, a smaller 512 LED light and then a 800 watt Alien Bee Strobe with octagon softbox. One of the 1024 LED lights is set up next to the strobe, which is together they are main.
The other 1024 and the smaller 512 are fill. I primarily use the LED lights because I also shoot 3D stereo at the same session, so need continuous lighting for that. But I found the LED while not as powerful as the strobe make for good fill light.
I usually have the bigger LED cover the upper body left and the smaller the lower body front, which in combo seems to work well.

I used to do a lot of back lighting as well, but not as much these days. more hassle and I have slightly less room in my studio space because girlfriend sucked up some of it.

And now that you mention it, I probably should have tried the leather piece over the white skirt piece, but under the outer Gold robe like piece. Next Round I will try that. I just wanted something there before I discovered I had the gold chain skirt in my collection so had the white leather belt piece so felt the need to use it. Plus it has the alchemical symbol for air painted on it.

As mentioned the plan was to try multiple different versions. Although hot , humid, and ran out of time so there was that as well. The model had a definite need to be someplace else after a long drive timeline, so couldn't keep her.