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For analysis

Hi Harvey,

Interesting shot.

I know you were asking primarily about composition, and I will address that, but the first thing that hit my eye was the very bright water in the foreground. To me, it somewhat overwhelms the image, detracting from the interesting water, rocks, reflections, highlights in the background.

In terms of composition, things just seem a little out of balance. The shot is taken from a fairly high distance off the water (over which you not have had any choice), which tends to be a negative with shots involving wildlife (where you want to be reasonably close to eye level).

I really like the 'wake' left by the first goose, with the second goose, along with its wake, following from the left.

So I copied it into Photoshop and played around with it. The first thing I did was use the Shadows/Highlights tool to tone down the water in the foreground, and then cropped a fair amount from the bottom, and just a little on the top. Here is the result. Your thoughts?


Harvey Moore

New member
Don, thank you for your time looking this shot over and offering your viewpoint. I think your take is right on the money here.

This one, as many things I run across in life, was shot while doing something else. I was ready to pack up and move on to another location after accomplishing my main purpose, when I saw the geese out the corner of my eye, ran off 6 quick shots.

I posted for critique because I plan to return to the area with the advice of experience from outside of mine while making the photographs.

Thanks again,