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FS (US) 1DMIIN, XT, 220EX, Sigma 15 fisheye, Tamron 17-35, Tokina 100 Macro, Canon 50

Tom Yi

New member
Closed FS (US) 1DMIIN, XT

SOLD Most Items,
Please disregard this thread.

I'm trying to pare things down and just go with one camera and lenses I actually use. So I'm selling some stuff and planning on getting a 30D.

I don't want to deal with checks/paypals/shipping/etc. This way you can also see and make sure of what you are buying.
Unless stated, all the stuff is in excellent condition with all the boxes, instructions, and even the plastic wrappings.

1. Canon 1DMarkIIN (SOLD):
bought new in 10/05. About 17K actuations, only fault is two or three dusts on the focusing mirror. Comes with everything, CD ROM, Caps, instructions, all paperwork, even the package wrapings, and the strap has never been used.

2. Canon Rebel XT Black Body, Canon Grip, extra Sterlingtek battery, shutter release (SOLD):
Bought new on 12/05. Used as back up camera with about 7000 actuations. Box has UPC code cut out and warranty card sent in for rebate. Otherwise everything is included, and the strap has never been used. Will include a Canon grip with one Sterlingtek battery, and an IR shutter release. I have boxes for everything here except the battery.

3. Sigma 15mm f2.8 DG fisheye ($SOLD):
This is in the new DG coating. Once again, with everything, used it for the 1DMIIN. Small rub on one of the hood/petals, really really minor. Otherwise without any blemishes.

4. Tokina 100mm f2.8 ATX-Pro D Macro ($325):
This is their new lens made for dslr's. I thought I'd get into macros but just wasn't my thing. I've really used it once to test it out. Pretty much like new with no blemishes and everything included.

5. Canon 50mm f1.8 MII (SOLD):
I rarely use this lens. Small scuff on the front cap, otherwise no other blemishes in box. I'll sell Sunpak UV and CPL for another $20.

6. Tamron 17-35 f2.8-4 ($320):
I used this for the wides on the N. No blemishes and comes with everything.

7. Canon 220EX flash (SOLD):
Rarely used for the backup Rebel. Like new in box. Bought around 1/06.

I'll be putting up some pictures in a while but trust me, I take good care of my stuff and they are pretty much like new in box with all the supplied accessories. Contact me by e-mail if you are serious and ready to buy and want to see the picutres.
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Tom Yi

New member
Canon 1D Mark II N (SOLD)
I've gotten interest on the Rebel XT, Sigma 15mm fisheye, Tamron 17-35, and the 50mm f1.8.
If anyone wants those, please respond soon.
The Tokina I can reduce the price to $350 OBO to move it along.
Please e-mail me if anyone is interested

Tom Yi

New member
I'll reduce the price on the Rebel to $600 OBO for the body, Grip, Extra battery, and IR remote release.

Tom Yi

New member
OK, Time to drop some prices to get things moving
Sigma 15mm DG fisheye: $375 OBO
Tokina 100mm ATX Pro D f2.8 Macro: $325 OBO

Tom Yi

New member
Sold Canon 50mm f1.8
Tamron 17-35 and the Tokina 100mm Macro are left and both are really good lenses with no defect with all the wrappings and boxes.
Make me an offer. This online selling is too time consuming.

Tom Yi

New member
I think everything is cooling down so I'll close this thread and sell the remaining two lenses seperately.