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Geometric Chicken-Foot Sunset

The tree trimmers came by earlier in the week and improved my west-facing LA-area lockdown peephole view of the world.

Thursday evening, I peeked out to catch the sunset and was greeted with some large chicken foot and other geometric shapes. I think there’s a sunset buried in here somewhere!

Long-zoom versions were levels-tweaked for dramatic impact.

Comment as you will.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I love these skies.

The first one has a lot of extra potential dividing the white clouds in the sky for processing separately from the lower skyline which does indeed hold rich sienna and gold sunset gradients.

I just used the limited editing on my iPhone to look at your low resolution jpg file.



With more subtle and restrained handiwork using Photoshop or the like, (and your RAW image), you will do far better, of course!

Thanks for sharing. This one picture is a lot of fun to explore further.