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My World: Ghost Dogs

Bob Rogers

New member
I took this photo 11 years ago. I think it must have been with my first digital camera, a really low end Minox branded thing. At the time I just passed it by because of the low technical merits.

Now the dogs are gone. I ran across the image today, looking for something else. It speaks to me, because it reflects a short period of time when the dogs had fun together (before they got mean to each other). I don't think I ever got a good photo of the two of them together like this. When I saw it this morning I immediately thought of cropping it and applying the brushstroke filter to it.


Ghost Dogs -- Bob Rogers
March 21, 2002

charlotte thompson

Well-known member

I for one am very moved by it! I loveLove the ghostly effects and the memories idea of the effect
I could see this as an overlay very much so either in bandw or sepia_ It does have a lot of possibilities _