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Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Good Blog for preparing for exhibition and sales

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Check out http://ticket2ryder.blogspot.com for good, interactive, advice from a seasoned fine art photographer. Quick responses.

Thanks James for pointing out this resource. Getting started with exhibits can be an expense. Some of the money spent is worthwhile. There are many pitfalls. Fortunately we do have a community rich in experience to help folk. Still, any new resource is valuable. I myself plan to look at the blog you mentioned after I finish plastering a wall demolished in a recent water pipe leak and flood!

BTW, do you have a website and have you had an exhibition of your own work? I hope you will post some of your photography. That's what keeps out juices flowing and distracts from the day to day disasters that happen while we are planning to be famous!


Nicolas Claris

Hi James

welcome on board OPF!

Thank you for the link.

Are you yourself selling Fine arts prints?
Did you follow the recommendations made on the site you gave the link? I mean, are they really good tips/hints?

Thanks for your reply

Jerome Love

New member
Hi James,

Welcome and thank you for your contribution. I've been searching for a resource like this for some time now and I'm so glad you have provided a link to it! I'll be sure to check it out soon and post some comments.

James Windemere

New member
Sorry for the delay in responding here!!!! My computer crashed and I lost everything. Thanks Asher, for the email!

Yes, I am following the tips/tricks and am currently selling - albeit, sales aren't fantastic in this economy, but I'm pleasantly surprised how much I'm making. It makes my car payment. But, I did have to invest a bunch in a printer and supplies.

I don't have an official web site just yet - I lost a lot of my site work with the crash. Learned my lesson. Backups are key.

I do have the bulk of my good stuff backed up, and will post when I get a second.

As for the eBook - it really cuts to the chase. Very helpful. It answered all my questions!

James Windemere

New member
??? I think it must have been a "quick" look. There are a few cases of that, but that seems to me to be more saving from having to type out a long answer. He gives the overall gist and then says, "if you need more detail, the book might something for you", kind of thing. Certainly not a hard sell, by any stretch.