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New member
Greetings all!

Well, Michael Tapes managed to pique my interest though his posting on the Pixmantec forums and I must say this looks very interesting. Congratulations for managing to get some very interesting professionals to join.

I'm hoping to find not only technical information here, but inspiration as well (something I admit to lack sometimes).

I'm a Swede, who grew up in South America and currently lives in Dubai, UAE. I am originally an acoustics engineer specializing in noise & vibration control, but after spending too much time writing programs to have the various instruments in the lab do the work for me, I figured software development was my calling; so that's what I've been doing for the past 15 years.

I guess I would call myself a serious amateur photographer, meaning that I am not all that great, but I know what I like and I think about the shot. Nature photography is what I like the most. I share this hobby with my other passion in life, which is music. I have played guitar since a little boy and am somewhat of an audiophile as well. The hobbies usually rotate in priority :)

Best regards

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi Kris,

I thought I welcomed you yesterday, but something hapenned! So welcome!

What do you photograph? There must be so much in Dubai, the modern cities and the desert with camels, people in tradditonal dress and nature.

You will have some interesting pictures I'm sure.

The job of this forum is to inspire you to reach a professional standard.

Hopefully you will be inspired by some of the pictures on the opening page of OPF and your own pictures will receive feedback.

Asher :)


New member
Thanks for the welcome Asher!

I photograph mainly wildlife/nature/landscape, and I especially like macro photography. Architecture and people/street photography really do not interest me that much, though.

Having said that though, I really feel I should take advantage of the opportunity Dubai gives me. You're points about Dubai are spot on; Dubai has some very interesting buildings. There really are no rules here (that's both good and bad) when it comes to architecture. It can kinda look like Disneyland sometimes, but it is fun nonetheless. I've been thinking about doing something about it, which is partly why I posted the question about the t/s lens.

As for people photography here, it is a tricky situation. There are some extremely colorful people around, especially the camel herders (who are still quite nomadic) and camel racers. However, the local culture does not really allow photography of people (Islam prohibits all images of people and some claim this applies even to animals). This is a modern city though, and a lot of people do not mind, as long as you don't photograph the local women. But its hard to know who accepts it and who doesn't, and the ones who do not get very offended. I lived in Saudi Arabia for a number of years, and even the sight of a camera would cause the police to haul you in. So I have this built-in fear of photographing people now :)

Anyway, I have promised myself to get it done before I move away from here.
Let me add my welcome as well, Kris. I look forward to your posts in the Nature/Wildlife/Landscape Forum - my primary passion is nature as well, birds in particular!


New member
Thank you Don!

I sooooo much would like to sign up for your Costa Rica Photo Safari :) But I'm planning for an African safari now and I simply do not have enough vacation days. I lived in Venezuela for four years as a young boy and learned to love the jungle. One of my best memories in life is a two week Amazon jungle trip we did. We went "native", so to speak; traveling with a native indian as a guide, in a wooden canoe and sleeping in hammocks by the riverbed. I want to go back, and there's few better places than Costa Rica.
Make sure you come back with some exquisite shots of the Lilac-breasted Roller! Those just make me drool ;-) Guess I need to get out there some time...

Too bad you can't join us in Costa Rica this year - maybe next!