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Have to wonder

Chris Calohan

Active member
What is the purpose of posting images if no one makes comments on them...good, bad or indifferent, it is at least acknowledgement of an attempt or a successfully made image?

Robert Watcher

Well-known member
For myself, I enjoy looking through the images posted - if I have time - and I do have an opinion good, bad or indifferent. My replies tend to be with images that have a strong visual impact to me and hold my interest. There are many genres of photography that I simply am not interested in. The works may be very good. I personally am not one who just says nice picture for no particular reason. Something I have learned from the school of hard knocks is that I will not express a personal opinion on an image (or try not to) that is anything other than favourable - whether the person posting agrees to critiques or not. I enjoy posting my images, knowing there may be some who enjoy looking at them or who may benefit from seeing my way of shooting. And I also know there will be people who don’t like or appreciate my style of photography. That is how I use forums, so that is fine. I really don’t expect comments or rely on others opinions to give credibility to my work. I do accept that other photographers do post their images for the feedback though. It is nice if they are able to get that.

Nicolas Claris

Hi Chris
I understand your feeling and wondering and have no answers : (

My own last important (to me) thread had (as of today) 2,319 viewes but 73 only posts, most of them being Asher's and mine.
Within that thread I complained about the lack of comments (good or bad) and got some nice friendly hugs, but still no much more comments from others…

One says these are contemporary behaviors…

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Chris and Nicolas,

I sometimes have zero comments on images I am proud of. Still my motivation is simply to express for myself what I have enjoyed in the hope that others might also get some pleasure or else be prepared to add altetnatevimages to look at the subject, theme or motif from their own perspective.

A lot of us are finicky and won’t trespass on anyone else’s pictures. I am fine with folk criticizing my work as long as it is constructive and they have in mind that we also are trying to sell our work.

Some comment is helpful as this is the only glue for many folks to stick around. I see folk who complain about no replies when they themselves just sit on their own posts and almost never even “greet” or say “Hi!” to anyone else.

I beg you all to consider greeting others even if you see pictures that are not your style. Total silence is no welcome at all and gets pretty grim.

I understand how multispectral images by Dr Klaus Schmitt gets few followers, but his beautiful portraits of tabby cats deserve acknowledgement!