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My World: Hello World!!

fahim mohammed

Well-known member

Hi there. I am very new around these parts and everywhere else, for that matter.

My name is Mohammed. Grandpa says I resemble him.

Take care.


Well-known member
Many congratulations Fahim with your grandson and of course the same wishes go out to your family.
May Mohammed live a prosperous, happy, healthy and long life!

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Hi there. I am very new around these parts and everywhere else, for that matter.

My name is Mohammed. Grandpa says I resemble him.

Take care.

Fahim and Ayesha

I know he'll steal a large part of your hearts and also be treasured by your large and loving family. Are we looking at another surgeon, another climber or perhaps a poet?

One thing I do know is that you have a lot to show him, many stories to share and you will both be the richer for it! إن شاء الله‎,


nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
Hello Fahim!
Great news and congratulations to the mother!
Grandpa should be careful while taking pictures, Mohamed seems to say "what? again a picture? will Grandpa ever stop?". More seriously what expressive eyes and sight!
Good catch!
May he leaves in peace with the whole world!
How wonderful, Fahim!
A child is always the most wonderful gift that brings joy all around. Congratulations to you, Grandpa and the whole family.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Cem, Asher, Nicolas, Maggie...

Our joy is multiplied when it is shared with friends like yourselves.

Ayesha is behaving more like a new mother than a grandmother!!

All we want him to be is a good, kind and humble human being. Nothing else matters more than this.

Our best wishes and warmest regards to you all.

Michael Nagel

Active member
Congratulations to the parents and to you!
I wish all of you the best.

A motivation for all of us to do our best that life on this planet will get better..?
I hope so.

Enjoy every moment!

Best regards,

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Jarmo, Jerome, Michael.

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and well wishes.

We wish and pray for peace, happiness and a better future for all children ( and people ) of the world.

Kindest regards.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Oh! How time flies!!

It has been a very long time ( for me ) since I last visited here :)

Things have changed fast.. So many things to see, feel, experience, touch, smell ( ? )..

I learnt quite a few things though..


I told my grandpa to shoot in Raw..but no!! He is a stubborn one; he is.

I also told him not to use flash..he does not know how to use one..and it it irritates me off no end!!
I guess, I have to humor him though.

Did I tell you, I can find my thumb..put it in mouth even!! Not enjoying the taste though..


And I told my grandpa to use a stand..he shakes too much!!

Now if only I could taste a few dates they have..and the coffee smells nice too!

Bye for now.



Well-known member
Hi Fahim and family,

Eid ul-fitr greetings to you and your family. Eid mubarak.
Have a great time and a happy feast with your loved ones.