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Harvey Moore

New member
Ran across this site via a link in another forum, glad I checked it out.

I am located near Anderson, SC, recently retired from Engineering and IT career.

Been into photography for quite a while, but two years ago started as a new guy in it with digital. Bought a 20D and too much $ later am using it and 5D and loving it.

I have a lot to learn, maybe a little to give.

Harvey Moore

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Hi and Welcome Harvey,

Where did you hear of us? Love to know how the word is getting out.

I have the 5D too. I like it, although the joystick puzzled me, I kept pressing it to no avail!

BTW, could you edit your name to the whole real name so we are a 100 percent "real name" forum. That way, people are more accountable and also attribution can be made to real photographers.

If there's any problem in editing your profile, let Michael Tapes know as I'd like to be sure that this is easy to do!


Asher :)

Harvey Moore

New member
Thanks Asher

It was a post at FM listing most of the guys starting this one. When I took a look here, the horsepower behind it and the list of topics were all it took for me to register. I am attempting to start a small photog business, and you cover the necessary subjects in this site.

The former top three photog sites for me are going in direction I don't like.

I'll edit username.