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Here we go again... Where Am I ??

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This is a massive enterprise of a church and we are only looking at about a third of its length.

Reminds me of the great monumental domed church in Istanbul currently, a mosque. Here the dome is also a major feature but the cross arms seem more prominent in proportion.

But it’s even more packed with artwork. I have never seen a place of worship so richly bestowed.

Has to be Catholic or Orthodox, but the design seems to be that of a Greek Cross.

But I have never been there.

Not British or French!


Tim Rucci

I realize that I'm not showing very much of it, so that makes it more difficult to identify.

You are correct on several things....
It certainly is a massive church,
it is not in Istanbul and it's obviously not a mosque,
It is in fact Catholic, as you obviously suspected by the statues, etc...

I really enjoy photographing cathedrals, along with all the rich ornamentation and elaqborate art and other decor.

I'll give it some time before giving any clues, if nobody guesses it.

Tim Rucci

We have a winner!

You are 2 for 2, Jerome.

Have you been there, and did you recongnize the place? Otherwise, I'm really curious how you identified it?

About St. Stephen's ...

No visit to Budapest is complete without a stop at St. Stephen's Basilica. It is the 3rd largest church in Hungary, and is built in the neoclassical style
with a Greek cross floor plan. It's one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest, sharing that status with the Hungarian Parliament Building, at 315 feet.

The cathedral is rich in art, and its interior is elaborately adorned in gold. Construction took 54 years, and was finally completed in 1905, having been
delayed by the collapse of the dome in 1868, which required the demolition and rebuilding of some areas of the structure.

Here are a couple more images of St. Stephen's Basilica...

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Jerome Marot

Well-known member
Nope, I have never been to Budapest, although it is on my "to be visited" list and is only about 650 km to drive.
These are nice pictures of the church, BTW. How did you take them?
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