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Hervey Bay Queensland.

Tom dinning

Hervey Bay is a community locked between Fraser Island and the rest of Australia. It’s communities were fishers which now link to form a rather large population. It’s a haven for retirees because of the weather and lifestyle.
It also has very respectable medical services dealing with old people complaints.
I hated the pleasure of feeling the surgeons blade when I had a total hip replacement just last week.
On my last day I took a walk along the Esplanade and took some shots.

I’ll post them one at a time so I don’t crowd anyone vision.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Great colors!

At last someone is channeling a woman's color palette excellent choice!

Could not be better!

What is around the fellows ankles? Any idea?


Tom dinning

Looks like a place I would enjoy, eventually.
They look after young people as well. There was a 22 year old in the next room. He had entered the World Karaoki Championships in Florida, had a good night out with other competitors, decided to show of his skills at stair jumping (it’s a thing amongst idiots and young me) and broke his leg into jig saw pieces. They shipped him back home for the surgery. It’s free here.

Tom dinning

Nice one!
Let's hope you'll enjoy your brand new hip :) I guess you'll almost feel young again;) (I mean physically)
My brain’s young, Nic, although I fear for its future.
The body continues to deteriorate. As one bit is fixed another bit falls off. Such is the way of life.
I’m not complaining. I’ve been a bit mischievous in the past and the wounds of conflict are now taking their revenge.