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Hi from Ireland


pro member
I'm Sean McCormack.
I live in Galway in the west of Ireland and have been shooting for only 3 1/2 years. I do tend not to do things by half and have become a relatively good photographer in that space of time. I started off on film and did loads of darkroom stuff, but with my computer experience was only to glad to trade in for a digital SLR, in my case a Canon D60. I've been through a number of cameras since then (both as spares and current) including 300D, 350D and my current 20D (which I expect will lose it's shutter sooner rather than later). I've attended numerous classes and seminars in my time and am not afraid of being wrong or learning something new. I've a small 4 light studio setup based around Bowens Epsrits and the usual Colorama backdrops. I'm currently moving my studio to a larger room. I found my way here via Frank Doorhof- gentleman that he is.
I've covered a broad range of shooting from fashion, portrait, product, landscape and general stock stuff. Due to my background in sound engineering I also shoot a lot of band stuff. I'm active on the Lightroom forums 'cos I love the program (Will someone write a retouch Module please :)). I've been awarded my LIPF and my LBPPA dinstinctions in Portraiture and am currently building material to present for my Associateship. I'm not sure if there is a similar system of awards in the US so I'll be happy to be informed if it's not the case.
Enough for now.. I've galleries to post for clients...

Sid Jervis

pro member
Welcome Sean.
Lightroom - I can see we may have a few conversations about that. I am currently thrashing beta 2, I'll be glad when beta 3 hits (me and thousands of others).
Enjoy the forum.