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I’ve taken the battery out of my watch

Tom dinning

Have you noticed how fast things move of late.
Why, it was only 2 years ago about now I was planning another trip to Italy. Or was that the year before. Maybe I’ve already been. More than once I think

Anyway, where did that all go? Covid seemed to have filled the pauses in most conversations. I have a chuckle when I think of all the internet experts with their Alt C attitude to solving such problems while the researchers sweated it out over a Bunsen and a dead rabbit. And if you think it’s over, it ain’t. Just when we open the windows and consider a bbq there’ll be something else come along. Keep your masks close at hand.

I wonder how smart we are really. Is this what evolution does? Just when we think we are king pins a fucking meteor drops from the sky and kills of the so called dominant ones. And we’ve only been here just long enough to make life comfortable for, what, about 30% while the rest drown in their own urine: or ours.

but all is not lost. We have make-up for women (mostly), a selection of colours for a fuel guzzlers, footballers who earn in a week more than I did in a lifetime, a variety of democracies where the boss is considered a god who we must obey and worship, idiots who can vote, dogs as family members and food that isn’t really food.

I’m beat. Tired. Over it. I’m glad the clock ticks fast. I’m putting the batteries back in the watch. Oh, shit, is it that time.
Doesn’t time fly?

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
I wouldn’t have thought of the idea, LOL, Tom!

Just taking the battery out of your watch, is brilliant writing and amazing performance art!

I don’t even wear a watch, so I could never reproduce your original act of brilliance!