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Iceland vulcanic eruptions

Now that the major disruption of NW-European airtravel and everything linked to that seems to calm down a bit, the people of Iceland will still have to bear the consequences for some time. We, at a 'safer' distance, are left with some impressive images from several photographers.

Here is a link (unfortunately to another forum, as I couldn't find a direct link to the image) to the most impressive one I've seen of this "Armageddon":

And here are some other impressive images:

One has to fear for the animals involved, the excess fluoride content in the ashes and thus water and food will wreak havoc on their bones.

All images are by other photographers, I'm just supplying the links.


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Yes there are a lot of consequences but mainly its' the 15 minutes of deflation of hubris that we control the planet!