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I'm back!

Sydney Rester

New member
After a nearly one year hiatus wrapping up a nasty divorce and meeting a wonderful man AND moving this week, I think I can finally come back and visit more often. Been second shooting LOTs, 2-3 weddings per month. I prefer that to primary since I also work a 9-5. That being said, here are some favorites! CC is welcomed!


Getting Ready


The dress!


Best man/Best friend


Here comes the bride!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Congrats Sydney!

Your new work is most enjoyable! Glad you're back. I like the happiness that your pictures make into wonderful mementos' That's the only worth of wedding pictures!

BTW, I'd put your list of gear in a private place. Not good to advertise what you own on the internet. One fellow here had all his gear stolen that way!


Sydney Rester

New member
Thanks, Asher! This was one of my favorite weddings _ever_. The venue, the details, the families, the absolutely lovely couple, so much love in that family, happy tears all night long. And how bout that angle I got for the ceremony, huh? It was nearly impossible to cull those. So many great expressions from the bride and gestures on the groom's part.

Good point about the gear ... I'll be fixing that.

Hope to be back more to offer critique and advice. I finally feel like I'm qualified to give CC! :)

Whole wedding located here and here.