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My World: Introducing Dileep

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
One of the most intelligent, resourceful, creative and hardworking individuals I have met.


After school, Dileep supplements his family's income by performing conjuring tricks.

With an sense of humor that would put others to shame, Dileep stayed with me throughout my trip In India.

His PR and network opened doors for me that would astonish others.

Dileep is going places.
I've never seen such a vivid and peaceful face! I might assume with my western mind that he is living a very hard life as a kid. Maybe wrongly... I cannot tell the truth by seeing those eyes on this face! My psychology skills have some limits :)

For some reasons I know a bit about magic. It requires a lot of talent to keep your audience stuck, amazed and puzzled at the same time. And it's not all about sleights of hands. It's not entertainment from the performer's point of view, it's bloody hard work...

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Hi Sandrine,

I was in the Kitchen preparing a Moroccan dish for Fahim!!

Dileep's life is indeed hard by Western standards. But better than others around him.

The first time I met him, he called me ' madam '. My guide and driver asked me to ignore him.
I asked Dileep to show me the tricks away from the sun.

We went to my hotel. He showed his tricks and we talked and lunched. I asked him if he would show me around his city. He agreed.

That was the start of a beautiful friendship and knowing Dileep and his family.

The hotel was told to let Dileep to my room whenever he wanted. He would be there right after school. Early morning during weekends.

He told me what to wear for where we would be going. More importantly he told me what not to
wear or carry.

He started calling me ' Didi '. Which I am told means elder sister as a form of respect and love.

As Fahim said, Dileep is going places.

Thank you.

charlotte thompson

Well-known member

this is very well caught photo- the child certainly looks intelligent and a good spirit- You should keep on with photography it seems you have a good eye for it- Tell Fahim I said so!

Best to you both


fahim mohammed

Well-known member
Sandrine, Charlotte..the person is attending a children's party. So cannot take the call.
Your message shall be conveyed.

Thank you.

fahim mohammed

Well-known member
When were you in India Fahim? What places did you visit?

Hello Prateek.

It was my wife who went to India. Now I know where to go in India!!

She spent most of her time in Rajistan including Delhi, but did not follow the normal ' Golden Triangle ' route. She went to Mumbai to meet some of my school friends from the UK.

Met one or two of the film industry lady stars.

She flew south to Chennai and ended up in a place called Trivndrem ( spelling ). Lovely she says.

She wants to return for a longer period this time..Simla, Darjeeling, Ladakh etc.

Thanks for stopping by.