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Island in the Mist

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
This is meditative, as is much of your work involving wetlands.

Very atmospheric, relaxing and enjoyable.

Perhaps you might have the seed here for a great series!


nicolas claris

OPF Co-founder/Administrator
A beautiful image!
It lets me wondering if that place is welcoming or the place for all dangers…
One cannot stay watching it without interrogation! That's the power of excellent photography.

Chris Calohan

Well-known member
It is both, Nicolas...there are 12-14 foot alligators up that way that on occasion wander down right off my dock, so I am always cautious near the water. But, despite that danger, it is so peaceful up on the lake that despite the many offers I've had to buy my house for a tidy profit, I would miss this place too much to contemplate such a sale.

This little guy, about a four footer, took a sunning on a neighbor's Skid-doo Ramp.