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Jim Galli Pinkham & Smith Soft Focus Images 01-21-20

Jim Galli

A New Pinkham Smith lens yesterday and pictures developed last evening. It is a Series IV #2 12" focus in barrel.

Although not made for 8X10, I was shooting in fairly close last evening, and 810 was what I had handy.

Film was Aviphot 80 and it was dim light last evening so easy to shoot wide open, which is what I love best.

The truck is my '39 Ford Tonner. Sheridon Beer O. Peterson Riverton Wyo Ph. 319

What a pleasure these antiques bring to me. Hope you enjoy just a little. One more, below.
The final image in the series was stopped down to f11. I wanted the buckaroo pony in the license plate on the cab roof to pop.

My mini series are always 5 as that's what goes in the JOBO. Great reason, right? This is Serial #2465 for you guys keeping track (Rudi)

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Fabulous series!

Which Jobo do you have?

Do you have an auto bath and the arm with auto emptier?


Jim Galli

ha ha ha ha; 9 views and 6 of them were me.

Thanks. Yes, I'm actually proud to have worn out 2 JOBO's. It's the manual everything one and the only thing that still works is it goes round and round. CPA or CPP. One or the other. At this point I have to warm it up for 10 minutes with the motor running waiting for it to get in the mood to develop another batch. It does have the "lift" mechanism, but I learned long ago that the little handle on the side is for decoration. A cottage industry just waiting for somebody. Build a better JOBO and the world of LF photogs will beat a path to your door.