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Jupiter and Moons

I could not find an astro category, is there one?

Jupiter and Moons, 6-13-2019. Not my best work, but still worth the try. Had equipment snafus, took forever.
('some' of its moons)
I have been hearing Jupiter is close to the earth right now, so... had to give it a shot, or two, since it's up there...
500mm + 1.4 TC, D7000 UV/IR.
No filter, full spectrum, sharpened, cropped, etc..

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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

What camera mount for getting to the right tracking angle do you have and is it motorized?

Jupiter is very close to the earth right now, it is the brightest thing in the sky, other than the moon, and it's about straight south at about midnight, the last few days or more now.
Not hard to spot, except the moon is getting brighter at this point. You can probably find it in a clear southern sky around midnight if you can see any stars at all?
You may be able to see the moons with just a pair of binoculars.
I shot this in my front yard, which is in a city, but not a very bright part of the city.
D7000 UV/IR, 700mm, manual focus, live view via Zacuto loupe, ISO 200, manual exposure mode, f/16, 1/2s.
White Balanced in CNX2, exposure adjusted, sharpened, cropped.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Last night the moon was very bright, (I think the fellow up there actually winked at me, LOL), but the sky was too lit up from our city lights.

I did look for your threesome, but they didn’t show up!

Yes, the moon is full right now. Other than the moon, Jupiter is the brightest object in the southern sky right now, so keep looking.


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If you may allow me to contribute to this topic with some beginner photos of Jupiter, taken from my balcony, one week ago.
Prime focus capturing with a SkyMax 102 telescope, with Canon 600D (T3i) camera.
Both resulted through stacking from 1000 frames (those resulting from LiveView capture with APT software). C
Hoping to achieve better results soon :).

I am located in Slovakia, near Bratislava.