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Kodak Golden Mean Large Format 7X11

Jim Galli

I can tell no one comes here since this is only the 2nd thread from my previous offering 3 months hence.

Once upon a time, a hundred years of so ago, this was Eastman's flagship camera. A thing of elegance and beauty. Crafted from beautiful stable cherry wood.

This camera comes with 2 backs, one 'ordinary' and one extraordinary. 8X10 was the standard in that day when anastigmat's meant you could fill the real estate from corner to corner with painfully sharp image.

But Eastman Kodak recognized that there was a golden mean where yin meets yan, where proportionality is perfect, yea verily, nature has told us so. Aristotle called in the 'divine proportion'. Our eyes relax and our brains produce endorfins when we look at an image in the 7 - 11 proportion. Turn it to portrait mode, and a beautiful woman fits inside. Perfection.

But alas! Not many were sold. So today if you desire perfection, you need to wait patiently for one of these cameras to become available. Usually that's when someone like Ansel Adams or Edward Weston dies. Otherwise, why would you sell one of these??

BUT this is your lucky day. Because I have 3!! and I'm willing to sell one. It is in superb condition, has had a new kid leather bellows installed, has both the utilitarian 8X10 back and the divine 7X11. It comes with one film holder for each back to start you on your pilgrimage. Just add lens and film and the art world will carve a path to your dwelling. It Is So. $1325.00 obo
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Jim Galli

240mm Schneider G-Claron would be the most useful for many folks vision. Generally anything that will cover 8X10 will also cover the slightly larger 7X11 diagonal. I've been using a 12" Goerz Dagor about the same vintage as the camera.

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Well, for those who do not know Jim, he is very reliable and modest in his description and has a great reputation, so you can buy with confidence!


Jim Galli

Thanks Asher. I know This isn't the right market for a lf - ulf camera here, but one never knows when and where the bug will bite.

Price lowered. Breathing heavy on something I want over at the 'bay but need to sell something first. ;~'))