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Leaf Aptus II-8 back and Mamiya AF lenses

Ben Rubinstein

pro member
Hi folks,

Up for sale are the following. All the equipment here can be seen in the multiple page gallery at this link.

Leaf Aptus II-8 Digital Back.

40 megapixels. Mamiya Mount. Used for two years tethered only on a DF camera mounted to a copy stand. Never taken out of the studio. Dry cleaned only using the Leaf wipes provided when new. Touch screen barely 'touched'. One of the side port plugs is missing as shown in the pictures. Include 3 new Leaf batteries. Battery charger includes international adaptors and car adaptor. The power cable of the charger has been cut and reattached shorter (approx 1 foot). Video of the back in action will be made available for serious buyers before a sale is finalised. There is no original box as was bought as a package with camera, etc.

I don't mind throwing in a Mamiya DF camera with it, however the mirror box is faulty (misfiring randomly) and the rest of the camera is on its last legs. Useful for parts or perhaps for backup.

Price of $5000.

Mamiya Schneider Kreuznach 80mm f2.8 Leaf Shutter Lens.

Our workhorse lens. Has only been used with the custom function on the DF set to 'Focal Plane Shutter only'. As such the leaf shutter should be new to all intents and purposes. Supplied boxed with hood and caps. Glass clear. Only ever used on a copy stand in a single studio.

Price of $1100.

Mamiya 120mm f4 Macro Auto Focus lens.

A wonderful lens with even more wonderful colour. Supplied boxed with hood and caps. Glass clear. Only ever used on a copy stand in a single studio.

Price of $2800.

Mamiya 55mm f2.8 Auto Focus Lens.

An interesting little lens now discontinued and unavailable. Used just 3 times. Very sharp and contrasty. Has a tiny mark on the top of the barrel as shown in the images. Otherwise clean. Supplied boxed with hood and caps. Glass clear. Only ever used on a copy stand in a single studio.

Price of $400.

Prices are in USD. Prices are net to me. All prices are FINAL. Shipping will be arranged with the buyer to suit their preferences. Paypal preferred although bank transfer to the UK will be accepted with shipment once funds have fully cleared. Shipping for all items will be from Jerusalem.

Please email me for more details at pomsbz AT gmail.com

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Brilliant setup. Sorry you have to let it go. To me, it's a lucky find for someone as I know the system is going to be pristine.

Good luck,