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Life in colour

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

The fellow sleeping, did what I do on a plane, (but discretely) , has his pants enough undone, so that his stomach can expand as he sleeps.

Fellow has his cap do the collecting for him! Not done that yet!

Still, I like what you noticed and this relaxed chap! I am not sure he's homeless, but he does know how to relax!


Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

The last one, seemingly devoid of life, actually is the most well balanced and interesting as a physical form. The various lines, (and rectanglular forms), "game" each other, point and counterpoint!I could mention the name of a rather abstract famous painter, but then I'd be artsy fartsy and, and knowing you, f$@ked to the nth!

Yes, there's life and it's not quite flat and moreover, vehicles and cycles show that there's life there, after all. So, this isn't, after all, a total copy of that fellows rules of "neoplasticism", but damn close! There, I did it again, crossed the line, LOL!


Tom dinning

Thanks for all that, Ash.
I appreciate you not wanting to change anything, foremost.

These are not new photos. They have been revisited and approached in a different way.

They don't differ much from the originals but enough for me to recognize.

I spoke to the sleeper later in the day. He's a tourist not coping with the heat. He appreciated the photos. We discussed the importance of an afternoon nap and the skill we both share of having one anywhere we choose.

I gave up trying the clear the frame of 'unwanted intruders' many years ago. The inclusion of the girl in pink in the first was her idea. She ran in front of the camera just as I took the shot. That spontaneous act completed the composition. I am grateful for every bit of assistance.