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Living in Paradox

ashik ikbal

New member
Dhaka the capital City of Bangladesh. This is the densest city after Mumbai in South Asia. In this image I have tried to convey the discrepancy of urban living standard. The economically weaker dwellers somehow survive in the temporary shelters. No hospital, no education and safety are beyond thinking.

In recent years we are trying to bridge the gap, it’s a mammoth job nonetheless.

** I couldn’t manage the panorama joining flawlessly. The exposer went different. Wanting feedback from Photoshop maestros.


Ken Tanaka

pro member
This is quite a panorama, Ashik. Certainly not one of the usual tired Grand Canyon shots.

The wealth gap you've portrayed is certainly apparent and stark. Speaking purely photographically, however, two aspects of this image jumped at me before the social disparity message.

First, there is no sign of humanity in that river whatsoever. I've never visited Dhaka or this part of the planet, but I was really struck first by that big gash of a river with not even a boat floating in it. It certainly draws the line you want to portray, but it must be a veritable sewer, eh?

Second, I noticed that you clipped the tops of the tall building at the top of the frame. (You also have a stitch error apparent up there.) You'll be amazed at how restoring the top of that building, if possible, will help to drop the eye back to the area of the image you want people to notice.

One last note. I'm not certain that "paradox" is accurately the idea you're trying to convey. For example, a "paradox" might be a photo of a $300,000 Bentley rolling through a fast-food drive-thru. Rather, I think you're trying to convey a sense of co-locational dichotomy.

Thank you for posting this interesting, insightful image, Ashik. What was your vantage point?

ashik ikbal

New member
thanks tanaka. i admit to your verdict. how could i miss the tip of that tall one !!

stiching went wrong, cuz i felt i could join it flawlessly into my pc.
even i could have shot this in Panorama Mode, which would be easier to join by the supplied software with the camera.

dichotomy: is well descripting. actually this word not familiar to me.

Alain Briot

pro member

So, in conclusion, you need to change the title of this thread to "Living in a co-locational dichotomy" ;-)