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Looking Cool Guys!

Michael Brown

New member
Yep, ............ looking like a cool site to visit, so here I am with my "hello"!

My name is Michael Brown from South Carolina, and I primarily shoot nature type abstracts, ... especially in the world of macro.
I am also one of the moderators over at NatureScapes.

Have seen quite a few names here that I know of plus some of the existing moderators, and looking to get into the forums later this week and mixing it up with you guys!!

Take care everyone!

Martin McLean

New member
Hi Mike,

Followed you here from the link on your blog. Thanks for the heads-up on the fourm. Seems like a good place to share and learn. Looking forward to your posts.

BTW-everyone, Michael is a top level pro fine art nature photographer. Check out his links, really great stuff.