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Macro Macro and more Macro!

Paul Iddon

Ah Will, you can clearly see you're using a ringflash in the final image.... It's in eyes and on shiny insects that it always gave away I was using one before as well.

I must say the first image of the rose is lovely. A couple of the others look a bit soft (if you don't mind me saying) - maybe they could be sharpened up in software, the pansy and the next one (is it a hibiscus?).

The lady portrait is not macro, hahahah! But she's a good model.

Yes, the first one of the rose is really very nice! I agree that the ones with the girl are not, but I imagine you were using a 100mm/105mm or so macro lens for the image.

Will Thompson

Well-known member
My model Gremmie is included specifically to show snout detail & the RingLight reflection in his eye.

All others were included to show lighting not sharpnes, the softness is mostly due to excessive cropping!

Most likely all were shot with the EF 50mm f2.5 macro.

All are macro shots as they were all shot with the 50mm & my 200 watt second RingLight that I manufactur.

I created the ML-3/200 RingLight to shoot fashion models.

Models is most of what I shoot Currently!
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