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So this is one of the nudes at the local park I did about a month ago. Finally getting around to posting it.

The concept was inspired by a photo I remember seeing when I was much younger. Sadly I can't find the original any more, although I associate the pose with Helmut Newton, but it might not be him (or at least I can't find it under any source I have access to).
We had basically lost the sun at this point, but no rain, so kept going.
I was originally heading for these two trees when Meillisa pointed out a different one I liked better for some shots and so we did a bunch of shots there, but then after that we continued on to these two trees. and it has been awhile since I attempted this composition, but I think Mellisa actually worked out better than the last couple times I did this one.

Mellisa as Dryad.jpg

And yes a fill flash would have probably added some pop to the photo, but I was playing with my camera just to learn the camera, so deliberately left off the flash.
Taken with a Canon R5c. Other than that let me know what you think and if someone can remember the original image I was inspired by, please let me know a link (or at least confirm the photographer).

Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Tell us about the remarkable focus gradient and mist in the background!


Melissa is in focus and so is the foreground tree. The mist is fabulous for giving increased depth and also heightened importance to her. I like this layering of depth!

So, where did the background mist come from?

1. Early morning on wet land?

2. You are on a mountain and there are low lying clouds?

3. You added it, and if so, how?

Regards Mist.
We are about as far away from a mountain as you can get and still be on dry land. Nearest mountains (Appalachians) are about a 3 hour drive.
Just a general haze from combination of morning, clouds coming in, and depth of field. No work on my part (other than time of day) as far as the mist is concerned.
Of note, the general regional area I live in (Hampton Roads, Virginia) is basically built onto swamp. So that likely helped as well as near a lake.
Interesting because that mist only shows up in the background of the shots in that particular setting and to a lesser extent another one, both of those the lake is in the background, so wondering if early morning evaporation off the lake at work.
Reminds me of a shot by Judy Dater of Imogen Cunningham and Twinka Thiebaud.
I am wondering if that is the one I am thinking of as I remember that one, although I picture in my mind a slightly different shot. But then I have enough clutter in my brain, it may be the one that was the actual inspiration.