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Asher Kelman

OPF Owner/Editor-in-Chief

I was immediately taken by this lithe spiritual figure with attendant goat, writing her instructions to to humanity.


Charlotte Thompson: “Mother of All Nature”

But I thought those things and held off for others to write.....


Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member
Thank you always appreciate your insights! I am always outside. I just love nature and this administration is trying to destroy it with no idea whatsoever what they are doing! When nature is destroyed humanity will be as well. Mother nature is the utmost mother of all . You know I look up at the ky a lot and am always always amazed..... btw dear Asher those are fawn not goats.

Charlotte Thompson

Well-known member
What was your inspiration for this image?

What and how many elements where used to create it?


My enduring love of nature... My work is called digital art transparency overlays.... so I make layers upon layers to create my ideas I use Pacasa and Adobe ...I also use colors for light or dark shadow most of my work is monochromatic. Sometimes I use other work to use as background for a new work . In this work I think there are at least 4 layers Thanks for the interest